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  An ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company

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Established in 1987, today Bharat Rail Automation Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest signaling contractors for Indian railways.
The First in India to develop expertise and execute railway signaling projects
Route Relay Interlocking (RRI)
Automatic signaling designs using Audio Frequency Track Circuits
Multi Section Digital Axel Counters as track vacancy detection in major yards.
Latest Track vacancy detection devices such as Audio Frequency Track Circuits.
Panel Interlocking
Solid State Interlocking
In the past twenty years we have been constantly achieving excellence and setting up mile Stones
Over 100 panel interlocking systems have been designed, installed, tested and commissioned.
20 Stations have been designed, tested, installed and commissioned using Route Relay Interlocking systems with number of routes ranging from 150 to 600.
More than 50 Level Crossing Gate interlocking and 15 Intermediate Block Signaling installed.
First in India to introduce an innovative method of using Block Proving Axel Counter & Intermediate Block Signaling and also created designs for Block Proving Axel Counter using Multi Section Digital Axel Counter.
Installed over 350 AFTC all over India.
Over 70 Multi Section Digital Axle Counter installed all over India – including Mumbai Suburban Railways.
First in India to Install Track Vacancy detection using AFTC in Mumbai Suburban Railways.
First in India to install Multi Section Digital Axle Counters of Siemens Make for track vacancy detection in major yards.
First in India to install Siemens – Electronic Interlocking Systems.
9 Computer based electronic interlocking systems of Siemens make have been designed, tested, installed and commissioned.
More than 24 Metro Stations commissioned in Delhi Metro Railway.
Designed over 150 Stations for:
Panel Interlocking
Route Relay Interlocking
Electronic Interlocking
Mechanical lever frame interlocking
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