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  Design for Outdoor Work  
Home Services Signaling Design Design for Outdoor Work
Based on approved Signaling plan and surveys of yard following
documents are prepared:
Executed (nos.)
Cable Route Plan illustrating complete detail of cable route and required necessary protection such as GI pipes / RCC pipes at bridges, culverts, road, track crossing, platform crossing, etc. > 120
Devising cable coarage plan based on functions. > 120
Track Insulation plan > 120
For Track vacancy detection as AFTC – Frequency allocation plan > 25
For track vacancy detection using Axel counters – counting head distribution plan > 15
Location Placement Diagram > 120
Locating, Lay outing, Indicating Equipment Placement > 120
Detail location wiring diagram > 480
Earthing detail diagram > 120
Track device history cards. > 300
Meggering Report Charts > 1000
Design for Outdoor Work
The design is meant for cabling, apparatus cases, track insulation and frequency distribution for AFTCs to suit the Signal Interlocking Plan. Number of cables and coarage, apparatus cases need to be assessed and their route and locations are to be fixed for connecting all the outdoor functions like signals, points, track circuits, level crossing gates etc as per interlockingplan. The main design drawings generated are - cable route plan, - cable route plan, cable core plan, apparatus case plan, track insulation & bonding plan, and frequency distribution plan for AFTCs.