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  Signaling Design  
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Bharat Rail Automation is a leader in providing Design solutions for Railway Signaling projects for indoor and outdoor works by virtue of our vast experience and continuous performance.

Signaling Designs are safety critical and need expertise to ensure a high level of safety.

We have set mile stones in the field of signaling design in India.

With ever increasing traffic; Indian Railways created a separate safety fund (SRSF) for replacing old signaling systems with modern signaling systems to ensure safety. The volumes of these projects were so huge, each consisting of complicated yards having more than 500 routes and traffic from all four directions, making it difficult even for the railways to complete the project within the given time frame.

We have been consistent in maintaining our record, for not a single delay in the past 15 years till date. Our consistency in delivering within targeted dead lines set by our clients has led to award of a large number of projects one after the other. we have been able to deliver 70 designs annually.
In addition, we have the following Major projects to our credit -
Sholapur, Jabalpur, Satna, Bhopal, Khurad, Palval,Ballarshah, Agra, Wadi, Jabalpur for which following technology were applied
Executed Nos. RRI / PI SSI
No. of Stations 110 009
No. of Signal Routes 80-600 040-80
No. of Functions 120-800 60-120/Station
Automatic signaling with AFTC over 100 Km. in busy suburban and high speed trunk routes.
Block Proving with Axel Counter 23 Km. with 23 blocks sections in high speed trunk routes.
In all the above projects over 2000 Km. of indoor cables and over 2500 Km of out door cables are involved, for which design drawings were delivered in additional to other design drawings for RRIs over 12000 sheets and PIs over 2000 sheets.
More than 4000 location boxes.
We are a team of expert Designers, with a blend of young and experienced Ex-Railway professionals and have successfully designed, executed and completed over 150 Stations in:
Panel Interlocking
Route Relay Interlocking
Electronic Interlocking
Mechanical Interlocking