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  Supply of Equipments  
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In all projects supply of equipments covers about 80% of the project cost. From the time of enquiry to delivery, procurement needs to be planned and coordinated, in a way that the items are available for timely completion of projects.

Most Equipment like relays, cables, point machines, track circuit equipments AFTC, DAC etc; used in signaling projects are safety related and has to conform to stringent IRS/RDSO specifications. RDSO maintains approved list of manufacturers and updates it every six months.
All equipments with IRS/RDSO spec. are to be procured from approved manufacturers. Inspection of these items, are carried out by RDSO Quality Assurance wing for ensuring good quality of products. Other items like signal post & fittings track lead junction boxes, DWC pipes etc are inspected by RITES. General items which do not come under RDSO/RITES inspection are inspected by consignee / user with guarantee certificate from the manufacturer.

Calling for quotations from manufacturers, placing purchase orders monitoring their status, coordinating with railways and manufacturers for inspection, payment, transportation,delivery etc are all well managed by our purchase team to accomplish the task for timely completion of projects.