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Home Services Execution Testing
Testing of installation is a very important function to ensure safe and satisfactory working of all equipments.
Testing Indoor Equipments (RRI, PI & SSI Installations)
Testing includes power supply, it’s change over features, individual power equipments like transformers, battery charges, inverters, standby arrangements, track circuit equipments/AFTC/DAC, indoor cables, wiring as per approved wiring diagram, making the panel through, functional testing with simulation panel as per selection tables/control tables and contact break test as per detailed wiring diagram.
Testing Outdoor Gears
Testing individual point machine (obstruction test) locally and from control panel.
All signal aspects for its correctness locally and from cabin.
All Track Circuit/AFTC/Axle Counter connections and check for their safe and efficient performance.
Where replacement of signalling equipments is involved, it necessitates testing under traffic density and speed prevalent in the section and also under adverse weather conditions. Our teams of Engineers have handled modern equipments of various manufacturers like SIEMENS, ABB, ALSTOM, US&S etc. for all tests prescribed by clients in such conditions.